Program and Presentations

Below , within the progrma, You can find some of the presentations . Abstracts and bios of the speakers  can be found here.

The program at a glance



Detailed program:

Day 1 (Sept 4)

08:00-09:00 – Registration

9-9:30 – Welcome, Opening, meditation           Laszlo Zsolnai, Yehuda Kahane, Ora Setter   9:30-10:30 :

Overview of the future

The Metrics in a new economy. The B2T by 2020 project –  Yehuda Kahane

Business responsibility and the Future Generations – Laszlo Zsolnai

10:30-11     Morning break

11-12:30      Parallel sessions

Mindful entrepreneurship

Mindful entrepreneurship – Dana Zelicha

Mindfulness as the main qualities of leadership  – Keren Tzuk

Taking care of the caregivers – insights from mindfulness based courses in  Israel’s healthcare institutions – Shiri Aviel

 Sense – making economy

As if God existed and the catastrophe had happened … – Chris Doude van      Troostwijk

The Maternal Gift Economy and Post Capitalism – Erella Shadmi

Overcoming resistance: The embodiment of New Age Spirituality into secular organizations   – Nurit Zaidman

12.30 – 13.30           Lunch break

13:30 -15:00  Parallel sessions

Old traditions: lessons from the west

Social Catholic Thought and the Economy of  communion as Business Model  – J.L. Fernández Fernández, Cristina Díaz de la Cruz. Presentation – JLF_SCT and EoC ppt fernandez

Traditional Socioeconomic Peasant Institutions and Today’s Caring challenges – Amos Nadan

Modern Labor and Ancient Spirituality – Einat Ramon

Old traditions: lessons from the east:

Vedantic perspective on Caring Entrepreneurship – Anke Turner, Subhasis      Chakrabarti

The Caring Attitude of Christian and Buddhist Entrepreneurs – Gabor Kovacs

15:00-15:30       Afternoon break


Management and the new economy

Unleashing the Creative Spirit in Management Education:  Insights from Rabindranath Tagore – Sanjoy Mukherjee

The social identity challenge of the new economy – Avi Shnider, Zafrir Bloch-David

What is Conscious Capitalism? Yael Almog Zackai

17:00-18:00      Annual Meeting of the European SPES Institute (open to all participants)

20:30                Dinner

Day 2 (Sept 5)

08:00-09:00 :  Registration

08:30 – 09:30

Metta Meditation – Mark Kriger


The case for wisdom and compassion

Getting to the Heart of Compassion in Philosophy and Economic Life – Kevin     Jackson

Wise Leadership for Turbulent Times: Lessons from the World’s great spiritual traditions – Mark Kriger

Spirituality and management practice, care management and corporate effectiveness: fashionable bedfellows or paths toward the future? – Henri-Claude de Bettignies.

10:30-11           Morning break

11-12.30       parallel sessions

Social investments

Making the Right Difference: Social Entrepreneurship, Conscience, and Common Good – Pavel Chalupnicek

Investment and womennomics – Noga Levzion Nadan

Ethics and care for prosperity

Caring for the Other – Katalin Illes and Jennifer Wascak – presentation: Tel Aviv 2017

Academic proof the ethics pays – Jacques Cory

Cold care, warm care, contracts and covenants – Ora Setter. Presentation: warm care cold card

12:30-13:30             Lunch break

13:30-15.00             parallel sessions


The Eco Appreciation Perspective: Moving towards a Sustainable Future – Mali Nevo

Value Orientation of Ecologically Conscious Businesses – Andras Ocsai

Providing value to the abstract – Ra’anan Haas. Presentation –new economy – version 2 רענן הס


Perspectives about Spirituality and Authentic Human Relations – Martin Buber, Tomáš Sedláček and Jeremy Rifkin – Imre Ungvári Zrínyi

The identity and happiness of the economic subject – Gyongyi Major

15-15:30       Afternoon break


Caring for the Earth

Growing a Better Future for Our World – Galia Cukierman

Nature, economics and caring leadership – Knut Ims

Human—River Relationship in the 21st Century- Janos Vargha


From Purpose to impact:  presentation and small groups discussions: What we did learn? What can we do?  Facilitated by Tal Ronen

20.30  Dinner

Day 3 -6 September


Distinguished keynote speaker: A consciousness approach to Management, economics and life – Garry Jacobs

9.40- 10.30   Caring Entrepreneurship stories (Room 406)

 Yaron Neudorfer (Social Finance Israel) : Impact investing – from movement to market.

 Vardit Kaplan (businesswomen, Israel).  Rehab Tala Abdelhalim (Yahalom center, Israel), Meera Eilaboun ( artist ): The Women Wage Peace Movement.

10.30 -11.00       Morning Break

11:00-13:00   Caring Entrepreneurship stories – continued (Room 406)

Avner Haramati and Hagai Agmon-Snir (The Intercultural Center, Jerusalem, Israel): The Mini Activism Project

Domen Kocevar (Alma M. Karlin, Slovenia) and Nina Meyerhof (Children of the earth, USA) : Vision of peace in Auschwitz

Imad Talhami (Babcom, Israel): The story of Babcom

Tal Ronen ( YKCenter, Israel): The Global Gamechangers Impact Lab

13.00 -14.00       Lunch

14.00     End of the Conference