Travel to and within Israel

VISA and security

Please check if you need a visa to get to Israel. let us know if you do and we’ll send you a letter for the Israeli embassy in your country.

Be prepared for a thorough security check  before you board, and again after you leave the country.

Ben Gurion International Airport (airport code “BGN”) is located 25 km from Tel Aviv and   about 55 km from Jerusalem. Transport from Ben Gurion International Airport is available via public taxi or train.


Just outside the airport arrivals hall is the organized  taxi queue, and on the  second floor (go up the elevator) the taxis are in reduced prices. There is a flat fare to Tel Aviv of approximately 150 NIS (40 USD). The price will be higher on Friday night or Saturday. For more details and calculator check here 

you can order and even pre order a taxi waiting for you if you download GETT application. in this case you can pay with credit card.

  • Duration 25– 40 minutes
  • Operating hours – 24 hours

Take into account that if you arrive on Shabbat (on Friday after sundown or on Saturday before sundown) there is almost no public transportation. In general trains run up to an hour before sundown on Friday, and begin again on Saturday night approximately an hour after sundown. If you plan on arriving o r leaving during Shabbat, your only option will be to take a taxi.


From the arrival hall follow the signs to the train station which is located in the airport on Level S of the Landside Building. Train tickets can be purchased through automated ticket dispensers and cost around 4 USD one-way. For information on schedules and fares please visit the Israel Railways website.

From Ben Gurion train station you should take the train to the Savidor station (rakevet zafon – Savidor) or to the university station if you come on the 4th of September.

  • Operating hours –  24 hours
  • Frequency – approximately every 30 minutes (6:00 am -9:30 pm), and every 1 hour (9:30 pm -6:00 am).
  • Charges – 14 NIS (4 USD) per person, one way
  • Reservations – purchase tickets at the station in the airport; the hotels are 10-30 minute taxi ride from the Savidor station (depending on traffic) .

From the station you can take a taxi or a bus. You can use the Moovit app for further information.

Transportation back to the airport

From Tel Aviv


call Hadar taxis, or ask someone to order from their website – al least 2 hours before departure to the airport – Tel 03-9711103. Price 100-110 NIS.

Or – use the GETT application to call a taxi.


take a train from one of the stations – Tzafon (north) or Savidor. takes about 20 minutes, price – 16 NIS.  No trains on Saturday.

From Jerusalem

Shared Taxi – Sherut

The shared taxi – known locally as a sherut – is an Israeli institution. You’ll find a sherut stand down a short way down from the Central Bus Station, on the same side of Jaffa Street. The vans here run to the airport, Tel Aviv or Beit Shemesh. You have to wait until a van fills up before it leaves.

To get a shared taxi to pick you up right at your hotel, have the concierge order one for you the day before your departure. You can also call a shared taxi company to pick you up at any private address in Jerusalem. Make arrangements the day before.

Nesher Shared Taxis  to go to  Ben Gurion from Jerusalem  is reliable, if not always charming. They offer 24-hour service. Book a day ahead. Tel: 1-599-500-205 or 02-625-7227.

Or book your transfer online now:

Airport Transfer

Jerusalem to Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport Private Departure Transfer

From USD $23.57

Duration: 50 minutes

  • Departs: Jerusalem, Israel
  • Book now for an affordable and easy transfer to Tel Aviv Ben Gurion International … More info ›

Public Bus

Egged bus lines 947 and 950 leave from the Jerusalem Central Bus Station every 10-20 minutes between 6:05 and 21:00 Sundays throughThursdays, from 6:10 to 16:30 (in the summer) on Fridays, and 20:30 to 22:30 on Saturday nights. (Check the Egged company website for exact schedules.) There are NO public buses on Saturday.

It takes about 40 minutes to get to the airport. At El Al Junction, you transfer to a shuttle (Bus 5 or 5א) that takes you to the terminals. The transfer takes about 15 minutes.

Tickets cost 24 shekels.

Jerusalem Central Bus Station on Jaffa Road

Get to the Jerusalem Central Bus Station at least 15 minutes before departure time. Security is tight at the station, and you have to wait in line to get through the guards at the entrance of the building. Once inside, you will be asked to run your bag through an X-ray machine just like in airports.

That done, head to the ticket counter. If the line at the ticket booths is long and you are cutting it close, head straight to the departure gate. You can pay your fare directly to the bus driver.


You can hail a taxi off the street, or call a cab company. If you have lots of luggage, call the cab company and tell them that you’ll need a large vehicle. By law a taxi can only take four passengers. Average cost from Jerusalem to airport is 180 shekels.

Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and back


From Tel Aviv:

The best way to get a Tel Aviv to Jerusalem bus is from Tel Aviv’s Arlozorov terminal. Just outside the Tel Aviv Savidor Mercaz train station, the Arlozorov terminal is NOT Tel Aviv’s Central Bus Station and should not be confused as such. In Arlozorov’s open air terminal a direct bus ride to Jerusalem can be purchased and the bus’s final stop is Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station.

From Jerusalem:

The best way to get a Jerusalem to Tel Aviv bus is from Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station which is known as “Tachana Mercazit” (beside the Bridge of Strings landmark). From there, on the third floor of the mall, direct buses can be taken. The Tel Aviv-headed bus’s final stop is at the Arlozorov terminal (Savidor Mercaz train station) and does not reach Tel Aviv’s Central Bus Station.

Price for a bus ticket either way is approximately NIS 18. The trip takes about 45 mins to an hour, depending on traffic.

Taxi – Sherut and Monit

Also included in public transportation from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (or the return trip) are sheruts (shared taxis – vans) and monits (private taxis). Vastly more expensive, as one would expect, the private taxis can range from anywhere between NIS 250 and NIS 350, depending on factors such as night-time travel, Shabbat travel and such. The much cheaper sheruts are approximately NIS 50 a trip, also varying in price when driving door-to-door and regarding the Nesher transports from Ben Gurion Airport.

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