Tour to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea

Tour preliminary program: (changes may occur)

Wednesday September 6th:

14:00  – We will depart  from Tel Aviv university  to Jerusalem,  upon arriving we will check in at the hotel.

16:00 – Drive to the old city, walk  from the tower of David through the Jewish Quarter to the temple mount – the  Western Wall (the Kotel),  and the Muslim domes. Tour within  the “Kotel Tunnels”.  Getting out, we will follow the Via Dolorosa up  to the Holy Sepulchre.

20:00 – Dinner with *Rabbi Shaul Youdkevitch

Thursday September 7th:

09:00 – Drive to “Yad Vashem” museum. Driving back through Herzl mountain,  the parliament house (Kneset) and Israel Museum, and some old neighborhoods of west Jerusalem.

12:30-   Lunch break at the A pedestrian mall( Midrachov)

14:00 – Drive to the unbelievable City of David, walk through the newest discoveries of Jerusalem during the first Temple period (9-6th B.C.).   Visit and observation of Mount Zion (Last Supper site, tomb of kind David).

18:00 Tour the Machne Yehuda Market and the Nachlaot , Dinner at the market

22:00 –  Suggested – Slichot at the Kotel (independently)

Friday September  8th:

09:00 – View of Jerusalem  from Mount Scopus

09:30 – Drive to Jordan river  the Dead Sea: Visit  Kasr el Yahud (the baptism site), and some of the Judean desert monasteries, The Dead Sea Scrolls in Qumran. If interested – the Ahava minral cosmetics plant and shop.

13:00 – lunch at Kalia beach,  the Dead Sea. Bathing and resting on the beach.

17:00 – Returning to Jerusalem,  and than (for those who want it ) to  Tel Aviv.

24551241 - costal view of dead sea in jordan with sunset scenary behind

Hotels in Jerusalem – Arthur Hotel. Hotels are around 140-160 euros per night.

Price – depending on the number of participants. We’ll have a very good guide and a minibus (or taxis, again depending on the numbers).  We estimate  the price (for 3 nights) as 600-700 Euro per person in double occupancy, and 750-900  for single occupancy, including all. Final cost will be calculated when we know the final count.  Participants will pay their hotel and food directly.  It is possible to join the any day of the tour.

The Tel Aviv airport is actually between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv – about 20-40 minutes from Tel Aviv and 40-50 minutes from Jerusalem (depending on the traffic). Participants  who depart on September 9th can decide to stay in Jerusalem or come back to Tel Aviv for the night of the 8th.

Registration for the tour is in the registration form.

please notice that the Tel Aviv University is not hosting the tour, only the conference. please take care to make your own insurance.


* Shaul Youdkevitch is an internationally renowned and revered spiritual teacher. Born and raised in Israel, Shaul always had a strong interest in science. While in college working towards a degree in biology, he met a Kabbalist and began to learn about the spiritual laws of the universe. He soon realized that there was a deep connection with these teachings and the laws of science. Shaul became fascinated by the comparison and set off to learn more and more about how the universe operates both physically and spiritually.

After several years of studying Kabbalah, Shaul was ordained as a Rabbi and began his career as a popular and sought after teacher. Since 1984, Shaul Youdkevitch has built up Kabbalah communities in Toronto, Boca Raton, Miami, Tel Aviv, Herzlia and other locations that still exist and are thriving today. He also has created a systematic way of teaching the esoteric principles of Kabbalah, so that it is obtainable and understandable to everyone. Kabbalah teachers all around the world currently use this educational model.

או להתחיל פוסט חדש.

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  1. Henri-Claude says:

    A great program! So well prepared!


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