Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the capital of the night life of ISrael. Warm, lively, with the “white city” Bauhaus buildings and tall skycrafters, the 110 years old city is a pleasure to be in.

What can you do in Tel Aviv?

Sit in a restaurant in Jaffa port, walk among the fishermen, the tourists and the artists, go up to the old city of Jaffa, see the art galeries,  continue to the  exotic flea market.

Walk along the long beach of Tel Aviv, or run, or bike, or swim, or play “matkot” (beach tennis). Any hour of the day (but take good care to put cream, sun is very hot).

Get lost  in the  alleys of Tel Aviv first neibourhood , Neve Tzedek, or watch the grafitty in Florentin.

Explore the city center , the “white city” Bauhaus streets , the old and renovated houses around Rothchild Avenue. the lovely “Nahalat Benjamin” arts and crafts fair is a good place to buy gifts.

Love art? Tel Aviv Museum of art has beautiful collections of classic and modern art. Love music? listen to the philharmonic orchestra, or so many other classic and modern music. Love to drink? numerous bars and pubs are open around the clock. and if you are gay – Tel Aviv is gay friendly, and the  gay scene  is embedded into the city’s culture.


In 2010 and 2011 Lonely Planet magazine ranked Tel Aviv third on its list of top ten cities to visit, calling it “a truly diverse 21st century Mediterranean hub” and “by far the most international city in Israel.” In 2012 MasterCard reported Tel Aviv was the fifth most visited destination in all of Africa and the Middle East. Thanks to its 14-kilometer-long beach strip, in 2010 National Geographic magazine included Tel Aviv in its list of the world’s top 10 beach cities, along with Barcelona and Rio de Janeiro.

Unique in its status as a major center of industry as well as a hub of youth culture, Tel Aviv enjoys, on average, 318 sunny days a year. The city’s public beaches are meticulously maintained and are open to visitors year-round, encouraging everything from laid back sunbathing on the sand to sporting activities such as wind surfing – a sport in which Israel won its first Olympic gold medal in 2004.

Though only the second most populous city in the country, Tel Aviv has the largest concentration of nightclubs and restaurants in Israel. Nightlife thrives in Tel Aviv due to its high percentage of residents between the ages of 18 and 34. Some are students at Tel Aviv University, some are young entrepreneurs, many are artists come to experience Israel’s most vibrant city.

One way or another, Tel Aviv has the highest percentage of young people of any city in Israel, and the city’s infrastructure (with green, eco-friendly bikes available for rent across the city), culture and atmosphere reflect this.

It is a city that never sleeps, vibrant, full of life, and provides an endless amount of activities and places to explore. Whether you enjoy sipping coffee at boutique cafes, eating your way through delicious street food stands or dancing the night away at bars and nightclubs, Tel Aviv has it all. From Jaffa (the old port in the south) to the Namal (the new port in the north), and everywhere in between, you will find it difficult to get bored.